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Who designed the Sweet Bonanza Slot?

Pragmatic Play, a leading iGaming software company, created the Sweet Bonanza slot game. It didn’t take long for this 2019 online slot to become a global hit. And, considering how much fun it is to play, that comes as no suprise.

What company created the Sweet Bonanza Slot?

Pragmatic Play, a leading online gambling software company, created Sweet Bonanza. Since its 2019 debut, this game has been one of the most popular online slot games globally. And, this will come as no surpise to anyone who’s sat down to play this engaging slot. That’s because it not only holds players’ attention, but also puts a smile on their faces – especially when they’re winning!


Sweet Bonanza has a bright and cheery aesthetic. Its background depicts a sugary kingdom complete with cotton candy clouds and lollipops. As a result, this creates the sort of visual scenario that is otherworldly. Sort of like if Willy Wonka seduced Barbie and built a wonderland for her. Wow – “I think I just came up with a great film plot” he says, as Roald Dahl rolls in his grave…

Players can win prizes by matching symbols anywhere on the reels of this slot machine, which features a layout of 6 reels by 5 reels and does not use typical paylines. Additionally, the Sweet Bonanza slot boasts a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.48% and a maximum win possibility of up to 21,100 times the initial wager. So, these two factors weigh heavily into our consideration when endorsing this fun diversion. That’s because the RTP% is generous and the winning potential is massive. That in no way is detracting from the gameplay as a positive aspect. In fact, the Sweet Bonanza slot antics are about as fun and enjoyable as you’ll find at an online casino.

Special Features

Players have the opportunity to improve their odds of winning by making use of several unique features that are available in Sweet Bonanza. For example, the Tumble feature of the game causes winning symbols to vanish from the reels. It makes room for new symbols to fall into place, which may result in the formation of additional winning combinations. As a result, this feature could result in numerous victories in a row during a single spin.

In addition, the Sweet Bonanza Free Spins feature can be activated in the game by landing four or more lollipop scatters anywhere on the reels. Best of all, this bonus can be unlocked at any time during gameplay. The player has the opportunity to win up to 12 free spins. Plus, while they are playing in this round, there is a multiplier function that has the potential to increase the payout amount for each win. Notably, the multiplier begins at 2x and grows by one with each victory that follows the previous one.

The Ante Bet is another one of Sweet Bonanza’s special features. It allows players to increase their odds of activating the Free Spins feature by doubling their chances of doing so simply when raising their wager by 25%.

The innovation of the special features is the “secret weapon” of the Sweet Bonanza slot. While it’s not unique enough in terms of graphics, audio or gameplay to stand out, the power of these special features shines through.

Games similar to Sweet Bonanza

The design of the Sweet Bonanza slot game is charming to look at, with images that are bursting with life and colour, sure to get players’ attention. On the reels, the symbols include a variety of candies and fruits, such as grapes, watermelons, plums, and bananas, as well as candy bombs and lollipops.

Players who enjoy Sweet Bonanza might also enjoy other online slot games with similar themes, such as Candy Bars by IGT, Sugar Pop by Betsoft, or Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play. All of these games are available to play online. Even if you were a fan of good ol’ Candy Crush – this game is right up your alley. In fact, there’s something timeless about Sweet Bonanza that makes us think that it will be around for a long time.


Because to its cheerful look and many special features, Sweet Bonanza is a great online slot game that thrills players. Sure, it’s fun to play and brings a smile on your face – but that’s merely window-dressing. The real joy of the Sweet Bonanza slot game is its unique special features, high RTP% and fun gameplay.