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The concept of a ‘best online casino’ can be subjective. Of course, some are great and others don’t quite compare, but it’s a very competitive situation amongst the top contenders.

Online casinos can, however, have the biggest jackpots, best rewards, most promotions, best selection of games, best customer service, and so on, so it’s more about finding the best casino for you, based on exactly what you enjoy, or what you’re looking for in a casino.

There are innumerable casinos continuously emerging onto the market, and this is where we come in. We have all the information to help you sieve through the heaps to find the gem you’re looking for, and who knows, that gem might convert to real-life riches.

What Makes Top Online Casinos

Any online casino can claim to be the best, but we’ll be the judge of that. Each and every one of the online casinos you see on this site have had their features examined rigorously to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. 

Even once they’ve made the cut, we continue to check back to make sure they maintain above expected benchmarks and don’t allow any aspect of their product or service to dwindle.

Alongside holding the appropriate licenses to protect customers and their money, these casinos will also need to offer an exciting variety of games, generous promotions and bonuses, and provide a top-notch customer service.

How to Use Online Casinos

Online casinos bring the magic of Vegas to your living room, bedroom, or even your bus commute, wherever and whenever you fancy the thrill. They’re very easy to use, too, so you can be playing your new-found favourite games in no time at all.

Use our guides and reviews to find a online casino that takes your fancy – maybe one with the biggest welcome bonus to start with. Then, head over to their website and register using any bonus codes if required.

Once you’ve created an account, you can deposit funds and begin taking advantage of all the wonderful promotions, bonuses and free spins these casinos have to offer.

Comparing Online Casinos

Comparing casinos helps identify those that are truly more worthy of your time after the buzz of the welcome bonuses has worn away.

We compare a number of variables, including:

  • Welcome bonuses – not just the biggest, but those with the lowest wagering requirements too.
  • Weekly free bets – these free bets end up being the most valuable over time. A welcome bonus might be in the hundreds, but a weekly £5 free bet adds up to £260 after a year.
  • Variety of games – there are certain games that we almost expect to see when we visit an online casino – not only should these be of the highest quality, but we also want a few surprises thrown in, too.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options – we’re starting to see increased use of the likes of PayPal and ApplePay. Withdrawal processing times are getting quicker too, like SkyBet and their instant withdrawals to Barclays debit cards.
  • Customer service quality – when spending your hard-earned cash and remaining loyal, you should expect nothing short of the finest customer service.

Different Games Available on Online Casinos

The top online casinos have a fantastic variety of games for you to play. You can expect to find roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and many slot types to keep you entertained. If you’ve never played these before, here’s the rundown:

  • Roulette – even if you’ve never visited an online casino, you’re probably familiar with what roulette entails. It’s simply a matter of spinning a ball on a wheel and having multiple ways to gamble on the outcome.
  • Blackjack – in blackjack, you’re dealt cards from a shuffled deck and have to try to get the face-value of the cards to equal 21.
  • Baccarat – baccarat is a comparing card game that has three potential outcomes – player, banker, tie. The odds of a winning hand is a tempting 44.62%.
  • Poker – this is the name given to any card game in which one person’s dealt hand is better than another according to the game’s specific set of rules.
  • Slots – there are many types of slot machine. They are a game of chance where small bets can win big jackpots if you’re lucky enough.

Online Casinos with the Best Payout

Online casinos tend to have better payouts than land-based casinos, as there are less overheads for the business. The high competition within the industry also forces casinos to reduce their house edge to allow for better odds for their customers. Each individual game has its own Return To Player (RTP) rate.

Technically, you can find lists of which online casinos have the best payout rates (or Return To Player %) for customers for your given month, but the top bunch are within a single percentage, and are generally rather generous.

We will never feature a casino site that doesn’t have great payouts.

How to Find the Best Online Casinos

Online casinos try to stand out by offering unique promotions and welcome offers to try and draw new customers in.

There is no official title for ‘best casino’, because as previously mentioned, that depends on each player’s preferences. There certainly are a set of casinos that can be considered the best based on their promotions, though.

Here at UltraGambler, we take pride in our ability to seek out the very best that is on offer, so you will never miss out on a great casino opportunity.

Then when you’ve used each casino that we recommend, you can make a decision for yourself which casino you think is best for you.

How Does The UK Gambling Commision Protect Players of Online Casinos

The UK Gambling Commission protects customers in a variety of ways, including:

Data protection

All online casinos have to show they store customer data securely, usually involving the use of encryption methods. This protects both personal and payment information.

Fair play

Fair play is the basis of mutual prosperity – most casinos will agree with this – and it’s important that fair play is regulated to protect both customers and casinos. All casinos are also required to hold a certain amount of funds to be able to cover winnings instantly, including their highest jackpots.

Responsible gambling

Every online casino, especially if featured by us, will have a section on their site dedicated to responsible gambling. They provide tools to help you help yourself like deposit limits and time-outs, and also offer advice on what to do if you’re struggling with an addiction.

How Do We Review the Best Online Casinos

The team here at UltraGambler have extensive experience in knowing what to look for in a casino. We dedicate our time and focus to ensuring we’re only reviewing the absolute best of the bunch, and do so based on the following elements:

  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Variety and quality of games
  • Ease of registration
  • Payment options and process times
  • Unique features
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Security and licensing
  • Any other notable features