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When it comes to certified casinos, the choices are endless. UltraGambler gives you the latest casino reviews & certified casino bonuses. Let us help you find the right online casino for you with the best games & bonuses.

Best Certified Casinos

If you’re gambling with an online casino it is imperative that you check and verify who they are licensed with. In the UK, The Gambling Commission regulates all commercial gambling in partnership with all of the appropriate licensing authorities.

The Gambling Commission provide licences to operators in the UK that run any business that provides gambling facilities to customers. This includes casinos, arcades, lotteries, bingo, and betting, both online and offline.

They then provide every licensee with a rulebook of requirements and often carry out assessments to ensure those rules and regulations are being followed and met.

What Makes Top Certified Casinos

The great thing about The Gambling Commission is that they force online casinos to be at their very best in every aspect at all times. This then only boosts competition between casinos themselves.

In our eyes, to be a top certified casino they must obviously hold the appropriate licenses, but also provide great customer service, have a wide variety of slots and games, and offer the most desirable promotions and bonuses. Only the casinos that score high in all of these areas with be featured on our site.

Then even once they’ve been featured, we continue to check back to make sure they’re upholding these high standards.

How to Use Certified Casinos

To use one of the many certified casinos, you usually have to create an account with them first. So, head over to their website and hit that ‘registration’ or ‘sign-up’ button.

They’ll ask you to fill in your personal information and the banking details for your desired deposit and withdrawal method. You’ll then fill in currency and odds format preferences before clicking ‘register’.

Now you’ll be able to make deposits and use their casino as much as you like. Be sure to check any ‘promotions’ pages first to check for first deposit bonuses among many other potential bonus types.

Comparing Certified Casinos

Having us compare certified casinos for you saves you the time of doing it yourself, and means more time enjoying the games you love and possibly walking out with a big bonus.

We compare these casinos based on a number of factors, including the best value bonuses, their variety of games, their range of banking options, customer service quality and attendance, and much more.

If a casino has poor customer service, a stagnant range of games, or if anything about their payment systems doesn’t sit right with us, you won’t see them on UltraGambler.

Different Games Available on Certified Casinos

The best certified casinos will come hand-in-hand with the best and biggest variety of games and slots. You can always expect to find the usual basics like roulette and blackjack – but the best casinos will even have a variety of these, with different themes and alternative special bets.

Then of course, there has to be lots of slots. Nobody wants to sit playing the same game forever, so a range of different types and themes is important to keep the fun alive.

Certified Casinos with the Best Payout

For a casino to even become certified in the first place, they must have a fair Return To Player Percentage (RTP%). If they’re featured here, they will have amongst the best in the business otherwise, quite frankly, they’re not worth your time and money.

How it works, is that a game will have a programmed RTP%, like 95% for example, where £95 of every £100 spent on the game will be returned to players. The other £5 is commission taken by the casino.

How to Find the Best Certified Casinos

All of the top certified casinos have to compete in every area of their business to try and win customers over. This includes the games available, the promotions on offer, and the quality of their customer service.

Technically, there is no ‘best casino’. It’s more a matter of creating a list of all of the best, like we do, and choosing for yourself which is the based to suit all of your preferences.

Our experience in the gambling industry makes it very easy for us to compile these lists, so you can just do the fun bit.

How Does The UK Gambling Commision Protect Players of Certified Casinos

As previously mentioned, The UK Gambling Commission protects customers in a variety of ways. For a casino to be accepted for a license, they must excel in the following criteria:

Data protection

The encryption of personal data and stored payment information protects both the customer and the casino. Casinos must show they have the right software and tools for a strong security system.

Fair play

Fair play works on both sides of the games table. The customer should expect fair play from the dealer, and the dealer should expect fair play from the customer.

Casinos offering terrible RTP% and customers looking for promotional loopholes won’t last very long in the industry.

Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is recognised by all the best certified casinos as an important topic and most will have sections to offer advice, tools and help for customers that may fall vistim to the addictive nature of gambling.

How Do We Review the Best Certified Casinos

The UltraGambler team knows exactly what casino customers want and ensures all the certified casinos we review tick all the right boxes. Only the best of the bunch have the privilege of being featured here, so we review them all based on these critical factors:

  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Variety and quality of games
  • Ease of registration
  • Payment options and process times
  • Unique features
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Security and licensing
  • Any other notable features