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Betting on horses has been around for centuries, and if you have taken part in the pastime you will know there is nothing quite like the rush of watching your horse come down the final furlough. Whether you are watching on TV, online or at the track you will still experience the screaming fans, jockeys giving everything they have.

So whether you have been to the track before or you have only watched it by other means, you will know that horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand. If you have never dabbled in horse racing but want to get in to then you have definitely come to the right place as we will give you all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision on which horse to back.

However, if you are a veteran horse gambler, we can help improve your track success and 

refresh your knowledge on what to do and what are the betting sites are.

This guide is here to help walk you through everything you need to know about getting started in horse racing betting or to take your horse betting to the next level. We will give you a breakdown of what to look for when choosing a betting site and the most popular type of horse racing bets in easy to understand terms.

Horse Racing Betting Sites

Before the dawn of the internet, you will remember when you were forced to head to the track or your local betting shop to place your bets on Ascot or the Grand National. While this is something we would recommend everyone try at least once, sometimes it just isn’t a convenient method of placing bets.

Online horse racing betting is the answer to this sometimes inconvenient method of betting. Not only do you have the chance to bet on pretty much any horse race in the world, but you can also watch your horse live through most of the bookmakers. 

This means to the avid horse betting community that you can get your pony betting to fix any time of day from anywhere you want. 

We picked the above sites because simply put, they are the best of the best available. After careful research, we found that these sites offer the most action and tracks, the best betting options, interfaces and most importantly they are 100% secure and trustworthy.

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses

Would you ever turn your nose away to free money? Would you say NO to extra cash? We don’t think so! That’s why before you even sign up to bookmakers you need to look at the horse betting bonuses to make sure you are getting the most for your deposit.

UltraGambler has made this easy for you by showing you a list of the best real money bonuses:

To cash in on these amazing racebook offers, you can click on the links provided and follow the screens. You will be well on your way to making money through horse racing betting.

However, before you make a decision and choose a bonus suitable for you, it is highly recommended that you know what makes a good promo offer. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Relevance: with thousands of sportsbooks and bookmakers on the internet all fighting for customers, you will find that while some of the promos sound amazing, not all of them can be used on the racebook. Rest assured that before we list any horse racing bonus code we always make sure they can be fully redeemable on horse racing.

Reputation: if you come across an offer from a barely known sportsbook it is worth doing some research and checking out the reviews. You don’t want to deposit funds to a site that has a reputation.

Coverage: like reputation, an online horse betting bonus is pointless if only a handful of races are bet on. We only recommend online betting sites with extensive coverage of worldwide horse racing.

Terms & Conditions: does anyone spend the time to actually read the T&C’s? Well when it comes to sports betting, we think it is vital. Terms & Conditions on an online sports betting site gives in-depth details of what is being offered and if there are any restrictions on what the offer can be used on. You can rest assured that we do make an effort that there are no unsavoury conditions hidden in the fine print.

Types of Horse Race Betting Bonus

There are many standard sportsbook and racebook bonuses available from welcome bonuses to free bets. However, many of the top betting sites also offer special horse race betting promotions to bring in more customers. Let’s take a look at the most common.

Racebook Welcome Deposit Bonus

One of the most common types of betting bonus you will come across in any sports betting is the Welcome Bonus. However, if you decide to take advantage of a welcome bonus you will need to check the small print to see if horse racing is covered by the bonus.

A few key points to note when using these bonuses for betting on horse betting online are:

  • It is imperative that you read the small print to see if horse racing is included
  • These bonuses are usually higher than other offers
  • Make sure you take advantage of any other bonuses that can be used in conjunction with a welcome bonus
  • Check the playthrough requirements. This means you’ll need to wager the bonus a certain number of times before you are eligible for a withdrawal
  • These playthrough requirements often range anywhere from 5x to 25x at most facebook sites.

Horse Racing Rebate Bonuses

A bonus that rivals the welcome bonus is the Rebate Bonus. This type of bonus is one you wish you never have to take advantage of but if you do, it is a great fallback when you have a rough couple of days. But how does it work?

Having a bad week at the tracks? Your favourite sportsbook or horse racing site gives back a percentage of your losses. However, the actual percentage can be anything from 1% to, if you’re lucky, it is sometimes up to 10%. We know this is not as good as winning but it takes the edge off a losing streak.

Free Race Bet Bonuses

Only seen from time to time, this is a less common horse betting bonus. As the name explains, this is when your online racebook gives you a free wager on a horse race of their choosing.

The most common time to see this type of bonus is around major horse racing events, sportsbooks often use it as a marketing tool to bring in new customers. However, if it often rolled out to current customers as a loyalty reward.

There are usually two ways to use this type of bet. The first is a coupon or code to make a free bet, you are not required to place a real money bet to make this wager. The second is to receive a free bet bonus through a rebate if you lose.