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When it comes to the theme of carnival slots, the choices are endless. There is a large range of slots featuring different themes and ways of paying out.

Here at, we have lists of the top current slots to make your search easier, as well as  reviews to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing.

The Best Carnival Slots

Carnival Slots are one of the most popular themes going for online Slots games and that’s no easy feat. With such huge competition for one of the staple games of the industry, there is a grand variety of themes to choose from.

What it comes down to is how well the Carnival theme suits Slots – a game that relies on gripping visuals and lively sounds to provide an immersive experience.

Slots machines have been around for over 125 years and continue to be one of the most popular games for both online and land-based casinos. This has been far from an effortless process, though, as games designers have been consistently innovative to enable this possibility. 

Here at UltraGambler, we make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for so you don’t have to waste your own time investigating.

What Makes Top Carnival Slots

To be considered a top Carnival Slot, the game must stand out from the crowd with an enticing name and preview image. If it doesn’t stand out on the games list, it won’t get any attention- unless of course the payout rates and jackpots are tempting enough.

However, if players are having to endure sub-par entertainment and are not getting big early payouts, they won’t stay around for long.

The ‘top’ Carnival Slots will make every one of these elements worth customer’s time, with a truly exciting experience and a good chance at some profits.

How to Use Carnival Slots

Carnival Slots are easy to get the hang of. Instructions are always clear and there should always be a quick tutorial before any real cash stakes are placed.

Prior to this, you will have to have registered with the casino in to make real cash deposits and play for real cash bonuses unless there are demos you can play before creating an account. 

All casinos make registering a simple process. Click ‘sign up or ‘register’ on any page of their website, fill in all the required details like name, address, date of birth and your payment details, then confirm the registration. Now you’re free to indulge in all the Carnival Slots that take your fancy. 

If your chosen casino has any welcome bonuses, make sure you check the terms and conditions for sign-codes, minimum first deposits etc.

Comparing Carnival Slots

As described in the ‘what makes top Carnival Slots’ section, there aren’t many elements such a niche theme can work with to stand out, so it’s very important that they perfect each aspect to stand a chance at success.

The visuals must be gripping, the sounds must be clean, the payout rates need to be high, and the jackpots must be big. We’ll spot the ones with a generous number of free spins, too.

Even within a specific casino, there may be more than one type of Carnival Slot, but to make the choice easier, check our guides and reviews to see which ones may suit your preferences more.

Plus, you can trust that any casino featured here will have nothing but the best, high-quality games all-round, so you won’t have to move very far if you fancy something different.

Different Carnival Slots Available

Slots games are already fairly simple in themselves, so when it comes to going down a specific theme niche, there really isn’t much to make them stand out from the rest. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a great selection of high-quality, euphoric Carnival Slots available. 

This doesn’t mean they are all the same, either. Some slots have a set jackpot and others having a progressive, accumulated jackpot prize. This is because some customers like to know what’s on offer and others enjoy the opportunity to build much higher payouts.

Some Carnival Slots keep the game itself simple and quiet for concentration, and others like to replicate the Vegas experience with lively graphics and loud, exciting sounds.

Carnival Slots with the Best Payout

Slots games in general have great payout percentages. In fact it’s not uncommon to see them sit at the 99% RTP mark.

‘RTP%’ is the Return to Player percentage programmed into each individual game. Players can use this to see exactly how much of their money (on average) will be returned to their pockets.

For example, if a Carnival Slots game does have that 99% RTP, then £99 of every £100 put into the game will be paid back out. The other £1 is taken as the casino’s commission or put towards the jackpots.

How to Find the Best Carnival Slots

Every element of Carnival Slots are closely examined by the UltraGambler team to make sure the best standards are kept across the board, so leave the searching to us and spend more of your own time winning.

We find the Carnival Slots with the highest payouts, the grandest jackpots and, most importantly, the most fulfilling, fun gaming experience.

How Does The UK Gambling Commision Protect Players of Carnival Slots?

The UK Gambling Commission is the authority that provides licenses for casinos which legally allow casinos to trade in the United Kingdom.

They dictate the use of fair play, enforce measures to protect customer data, and encourage the acknowledgement and importance of responsible gambling.

Having the UK Gambling Commission oversee these subjects is beneficial to both parties, as customers and casinos alike have legal confidence to go about their business.

How Do We Review the Best Carnival Slots

When reviewing and comparing Carnival themed Slots, there are a variety of aspects that need to be concidered to achieve an accurate analogy:

  • Inclusion of free spins
  • Variety and quality
  • Game simplicity
  • Ease of funding and withdrawals
  • Unique features
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Themes and storylines
  • Entertainment value
  • Jackpot value