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Kats Casino

Welcome to UltraGambler

UltraGambler is a site for gamblers that is created and run by gamblers. Simply put – we know about betting. With decades of experience in the casino industry, bookmaking and punting, we’ve got a history that uniquely qualifies our team to help you.

The aim of UltraGambler is to become the hub for all your gambling information, casino bonuses and winning tips. Our staff is dedicated to maximising your winning chances by finding top quality online casinos and betting sites that have superb bonuses.

We’re also here to give you gambling advice on how to tilt the odds more in your favour. You might be a “newbie” looking for your first online casino or sportsbook. Or, you might be a seasoned gambling veteran looking for new online casino bonuses to stretch your gambling dollar. Either way, whoever you are, UltraGambler is the place to be on your punting journey.

Why Trust UltraGambler

Senior management at UltraGambler are veterans of the online casino and professional punting world. We’ve trained up a team to help you avoid all the gambling mistakes we’ve seen over the years – betting at disreputable online casinos or sportsbooks that won’t pay, frivolously wagering, chasing your losses and betting with more than you can afford.

Start with the best online casino bonuses, follow up with smart winning tips and maximise your chances of winning when you gamble.

These are mistakes that can be avoided from the outset by exploring UltraGambler where you’ll find the best bonus offers form legal online casinos and sportsbooks. You’ll also enjoy access to articles on gambling strategy, highlights and news.

How Does UltraGambler Evaluate Online Casinos, Betting Sites & Casino Bonuses?

Early on in the process we realised that there are fundamental flaws in the vast majority of online casinos and betting sites. The kind of flaws that can make it patently unfair for gamblers. Beyond those, there are online casinos and betting sites that are actually not legitimate.

Over the years we had seen many illegal online casino scams come and go (normally with punters hard earned money in tow!). But what truly alarmed us is the massive proliferation of these sites and the manner in which they present themselves as upstanding companies.

We decided then and there to make a difference, a change in the gambling industry was needed. So, we developed a formula for rating casinos with important categories weighted for significance: Legality, Security, Fairness, Bonuses, Fun & User-Friendliness and Support.

Online casinos and sportsbooks that don’t make the grade aren’t listed – it’s as simple as that. The vetting process is intensive and always undertaken by UltraGambler team members who know the weight of the responsibility given. That’s a big part of the reason why the addition of suggested online casinos and sportsbooks at UltraGambler doesn’t happen frequently.

Sure, great looking online casino bonuses are easy to find – so are betting sites that appear “too good to be true”. But, as with most things in life, be wary – all that glitters is not gold.

Invariably you’ll probably find that any online casino or sportsbook chosen without research is lacking in one of the key factors above.

It could be illegal, your personal details may get compromised, the games could be unfair, the deposit bonuses might have terrible terms and conditions, the gameplay could be awful and the support abysmal.

By then, you would have deposited into an online casino or sportsbook that will give you little chance of winning and even less chance of withdrawing your funds.

Rather, become a part of the UltraGambler world – secure in the knowledge that you’ll be getting the best online casino bonuses from top quality betting sites that are legal, secure, fair and fun.

Best of all, along the way we’ll constantly be updating UltraGambler with interesting tips and strategies to help you find your winning groove!

Taking advantage of free bets, online casino bonuses, free spins, winning tips gives you a much better chance of winning when gambling.

“We always ensure that we only recommend the best online casino bonuses from legal and reputable online casinos and betting sites. To always be on the side of punters and help them enhance their chances of winning.”​- UltraGambler Team

Kats Casino

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