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Here at UltraGambler, we have lists of the top current 5 Reel Slots to make your search easier, as well as reviews to ensure you know which slots are the best.

When it comes to online casino games, the choices are endless. With such a mountain of video slots to choose from, there is no reason to settle for one that doesn’t peak your interest.

The Best 5 Reel Slots

It takes a strong, robust, truly entertaining game to survive over 125 years of technological advancements, but the Slot machines have done just that. Sure, it’s had its adaptations and improvements, but it’s fundamentally the same game that was invented in 1894.

5-Reel Slots take the 3-reel original and allow for an increased number of ways to win, with bigger bonuses for the more symbols you match. It’s less ‘all or nothing’ and gives more for players to think about.

Every casino, whether online or on-land that you visit will have a range of Slots games, with a variety of 5-Reel Slots specifically, too. They provide sensational audio and visuals which allow for a mesmerising entertainment experience.

To discover your new favourite 5-Reel Slots, read through our guides and reviews to find the ones that most suit your preferences.

What Makes Top 5 Reel Slots

The top 5-Reel Slots are those that find the right ratio between providing the classic Slots experience and using the newest gaming technology. Fast, clear gaming without altering the traditional feel is what wins customers over.

Of course, high payouts and big jackpots are important too. Combining the two makes for some incredibly popular 5-Reel Slots. Ultimately, it’s the player experience though. If players are having a good time, they’re going to keep coming back for more.

How to Use 5 Reel Slots

If you enjoy a simple casino experience without overly complicated rules and payline options, 5-Reel Slots are the game for you. More ways to win than the basic 3-Reel alternative but the rules stay the same.

Sometimes you get to try demos of particular games before you register with the casinos as this benefits both parties. You know how the game works and what to expect, and the casino has a chance to reel you in.

When you decide you want to play for real money, though, you’ll have to create an account with that casino. This will always be a simple process of providing your details and choosing a banking option.

Comparing 5 Reel Slots

When a game has such basic foundations, there’s not a lot to compare.This means we need to be a little more strict with the elements that we can analyse and provide comparisons for.

The aspects we compare include:

  • Immersiveness of sounds and visuals.
  • Generosity of payouts
  • Size of the jackpots
  • Casino customer service quality
  • Ease of access
  • Clarity of rules and instructions
  • Game responsiveness.

Different 5 Reel Slots Available

There is a large variety of 5-Reel Slots games to choose from based on your specific preferences. You can get fixed jackpot Slots for if you prefer knowing exactly what the goal is, or you can play progressive jackpots for greater potential winnings.

Within these two types, you then get a vast array of themes, payout levels and more, so there’s sure to be a 5-Reel Slot that appeals to you the most.

5 Reel Slots with the Best Payout

Payout is important to look out for as it is what decides how much of your money is returned to you (on average) if you don’t hit the jackpot. Slots games come with some of the best payout levels out of all the games found in the average casino.

Each specific Slots game has its own programmed RTP% (Return To Player %) which is the guaranteed amount of money returned to players before commission is taken by the casino.

For example, if a particular 5-Reel Slot says it has a 97.5% RTP%, then £97.50 of every £100 put into that game is returned to the pockets of the players. The other 2.5% is taken by the casino as commission.

Obviously this percentage is an average across all players. You personally might get a little more or a little less, then the jackpot comes into play, too.

How to Find the Best 5 Reel Slots

The UltraGambler team closely analyses every aspect of each 5-Reel Slot to ensure it’s reaching the expected standards. If the quality isn’t there, you won’t find it featured on this site.

There may not be a lot to compare on a 5-Reel Slots game but there is also a reason they continue to be amongst the most popular games provided by casinos.

Check our lists of guides and reviews to find the themes, payouts and features that best appeal to your style.

How Does The UK Gambling Commision Protect Players of 5 Reel Slots?

The UK Gambling Commission plays an important role in protecting both customers and casinos in a handful of ways, including:

Data protection

The protection of sensitive data such as personal information and payment details is required by law, and is usually done using encryption technology.

Fair play

Fair play protects both the casino and its customers by requiring the detailed listing of terms and conditions for every aspect of the casino’s products and services. This means customers know exactly how to do things, what to expect, and know what not to do to prevent suspensions and bans.

Responsible gambling

The majority of online casinos have a specific section of their site dedicated to the acknowledgement and encouragement of responsible gambling. You will usually find a list of tools like deposit limits, reality checks and time-outs, as well as advice on what to do if you begin showing signs of problem gambling.

How Do We Review the Best 5 Reel Slots?

The team at UltraGambler knows exactly what customers are looking for and ensures all the right boxes are ticked. Only the best 5-Reel Slots have the privilege of being featured, so they are all reviewed with these critical factors in mind:

  • Free spins and jackpots that may be included
  • Variety and quality
  • Game simplicity
  • Ease of funding 
  • Unique features
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Themes and storylines
  • Entertainment value