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West Brom vs Derby

Date: Tuesday 14th September 2021

Venue: The Hawthorns Stadium

Time: 7pm (GMT)

West Brom v Derby promises to be an intriguing encounter with more than meets the eye.

Excited West Brom fans must be dreaming of returning to the Premier League after a sterling start to the new Championship season. Still, hopes of being promoted need to be put on the back burner as it’s a long road ahead. So, it will need to be a case of focusing on one game at a time and slowly accruing as many points as they can. And Tuesday night looks like an excellent opportunity to do just that as they host a somewhat lacklustre Derby squad that’s languishing in the bottom half of the log. Derby county only has a single tick in their win column this season so far – and even that was nothing really to boast about (an unimpressive 1-0 victory over struggling Hull.)
On the other hand, West Bromwich Albion has enjoyed a lossless season up till now with four wins and two draws. They will have to capitalise on being top of the table and build on the momentum, which suffered a bit of a bump last week with a disappointing draw against Millwall.

Odds For West Brom vs Derby

It’s expected that West Bromwich is clear favourites, but are they prohibitively short in the market? Well, at a shade over 5/10, nobody’s going to get rich quick by having a wager on them. Have a look :

Season Highlight/Lowlight

West Bromwich

Highlight: West Brom 4 – 0 Sheffield Wed

Spurred on by their home crowd, West Brom was a 4-0 drubbing of an overwhelmed Sheffield Wednesday side. This was a bit of a surprise as both teams were of comparable strength on paper after being relegated together from the Premier League last season. However, a trio of the goals came from well-coordinated set pieces that put The Baggies at a much higher level than their opponents.

Lowlight: West Brom 0 – 6 Arsenal

Although not in The Championship, it’s worth mentioning that West Brom got a reminder that they’ll need to up their game if they ever return to the Premier League as they hosted Arsenal in the Carabao Cup and were dealt a 0-6 thrashing. This definitely seemed to shake the confidence of The Baggies as they haven’t looked like the same team in their two subsequent games.


Highlight: Hull 0 – Derby 1

With a bit of a soft opening match, Derby travelled to face Huil, a team few expect to set the Championship alight this season. But, this was far from a one-sided affair as the home team put up a tenacious fight, firing out the starting blocks and looking energised. Eventually, though, Derby wore them down, finding the back of the net in the 57th minute. A victory, but a hard-fought one. I think it says something about their current form that this slender victory is a season highlight.

Lowlight: Birmingham 2 – Derby 0

Some may say it’s unfair to point to this as a low point because the visitors weren’t expected to trouble Birmingham. However, the issue is that Derby actually had more possession than the home team, yet they failed even remotely to look like scoring.

Squad news

It looks like Centre-backs Matt Clarke, and Dara O’Shea won’t be on the pitch for West Brom due to injuries. However, Rumour has it that Callum Robinson would come in to bolster the offence.

Derby’s squad woes continue as a result of the transfer embargo. These issues have recently been compounded by a spate of injuries, including Richards and Bielik. On the plus side, winger Jason Knight made a welcome return in the Rams’ previous fixture.

Match Preview

A quick look at the log may make punters think that it’s all playing sailing for West Bromwich when they hoist Derby on Tuesday evening. After, all the baggies are top of the Championship log, many points clear of Derby, who has hardly thrived this season. While relatively strong on defence, Derby has had an almost uncanny ability NOT to create scoring chances. On the other hand, West Brom has found the back of the net plenty of times, no thanks to some impressive set pieces.

Wayne Rooney and supporters of The Rams will be retaining little more than a glimmer of hope for victory. It certainly appears that a turnaround of form is necessary to provide any serious opposition to the hosts. However, if one delves a little bit deeper than just current form, there does appear to be a few reasons to give Derby a fighting chance.
First and foremost is the record of head to head encounters that paints a very different picture to both the odds offered and recent performances of both teams.
In fact, in their last 16 matches against each other, its Derby has come out marginally on top with seven wins, while West Brom has six wins, with three games ending in a draw. There have been 48 goals scored in those matches, 25 of which belong to Derby and 213 to West Brom.

While these may not be the same squads lining up in this match, it does beg the question: Is West Brom a good bet deep in the Red? Yes, they are unbeaten this Championship season, but they seem to have wavered slightly since receiving a hammering in the CaraBoa Cup courtesy of Arsenal.

While there is little doubt that Derby is a team facing a multitude of issues to solve since its near relegation last season, they are nonetheless fully capable of pulling off at least a draw. The hunger for points will be there as they look to avoid another tumble down the log. Can a mixture of erratic ability, desperation and historical potency against these opponents combine to bring them the win? Well, it’s unlikely but possible. Whats’s more likely and appealing at the current odds is the draw. So, with no confidence, that’s the tenuous selection for a match that has plenty of mysteries.

Whatever way you choose to wager, the outcome of this fixture would have a bearing on the odds for the Championship, so make sure to take a look at the current odds to see if you can spot a bargain on your selection to lift the trophy:

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