The influence of VR & AR in the Online Casino Industry

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The online casino sector is one of the industries that welcomes modern developments with open arms. Online casinos were founded thanks to modern technology. By taking advantage of new technological developments, online casinos can distinguish themselves from the competition. 

The rise of live casinos is a great example of how technology is impacting the online casino world. With the help of webcams and live chats, players can follow the game in real-time and communicate with each other. Modern inventions such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will also leave their mark on the online casino industry. 

Virtual Reality & Online Casino

Virtual Reality has been gaining popularity in recent years. With this technology, users are placed in a simulated environment via a computer. For this purpose, VR glasses and controller are used that immerse the user in a completely new virtual world.

VR has already made its way into the casino industry. This allows players to enter a 3D environment in which they compete against each other. That way they get the feeling that they are playing in a real casino. Thanks to Virtual Reality, players can, for example, take a seat at poker tables in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. 

It is expected that this technology will also be used by online casinos. Players will then be able to play their favourite games in the casino while communicating with each other. 

Some online casinos already use VR. For example, PokerStars released a game in VR format in 2018. Players could take a seat at poker tables located in real or fictional locations.  

Augmented Reality & Online Casino

This technology uses a real environment to which various digital elements are added. Think of Pokemon Go or the filters that you can find on Snapchat. Just like with VR, players need a headset and controller for this.

Augmented Reality can take the online casino world to the next level. For example, players would not only see the dealer come in, but they would also see each other playing a game of online blackjack together.

Detailed image effects and realistic sound effects would also be used. In addition, players could use Augmented Reality to hold real objects in the digital world, such as playing cards, as it were. In addition, they could click on a slot machine button and much more.

AR would ensure that players can take place in a 360 ° environment. For example, they could look around the casino and choose a table where they want to sit. This would mean that players no longer have to head to a real casino to get the full casino experience. 

VR and AR within casino games

There are already some game providers that apply these two technologies in their games. For example, the largest game developer in the casino industry, NetEnt, has already released several VR games. 

Slot provider Microgaming is also responding to VR. They were one of the first providers to develop a VR roulette game. In order to gamble in this game, players will need the Oculus Rift DK 2 and a Leap Motion 3D controller. 

In addition, game provider Betsoft focuses on developing VR games. So it should be clear that online slot providers believe in the future of VR and AR in the online casino world.

Imagine sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas then you slip on your Oculus headset and you’re transported to a top-notch casino in your best gown or suit. You look around at all of the other players sat at their tables. Walk over and take a seat at the blackjack table and start your online casino experience with a different.

So what is holding us back from taking part in this?

Under Development

Why is VR or AR is not very present in online casinos at the moment? The software and hardware that makes Virtual Reality games possible in online casinos are still under development. 

In addition, it costs quite a lot of money to offer Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Also on a technological level, the online casino has to make many adjustments to offer a fully virtual 3D casino. 

Few people are the owners of a VR headset. This means that VR games can currently only be played by a small group of players. So it costs a lot of money at this moment and it is not certain that it will pay off much.

Finally, regulatory authorities also play a role. They want players to be able to gamble responsibly at an online casino. They attach great importance to the prevention of gambling addictions. Therefore, only trustworthy online casinos receive a license from these authorities. 

Reliable online casinos must therefore ensure that players do not become addicted to gambling. VR and AR make gambling an even more interactive experience that can potentially lead to addictions. The casinos and game developers will therefore have to demonstrate that VR games are not addictive before they become commonplace. 

These are just a few reasons why you don’t find VR and AR in all online casinos yet.

When Will VR & AR be used in Online Casinos?

Will we find more Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the online casino in the near future? As big names like NetEnt and Microgaming develop VR games, there is a good chance that these technologies will play an increasingly important role in the online casino industry.

Thanks to VR and AR, players can take a seat in a real casino from the couch, as it were. At the moment, some VR games are already being developed, but full VR casinos may be started up in the future. This will certainly enhance the playing experience. 

To be able to achieve this, a large part of the players must have VR glasses. Only then will the development of VR slots and table games become cheaper and become the norm.