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Bottom of the log, Norwich look to turn their fortunes around as they host another struggling team, Watford, at Carrow Road Stadium on Saturday. Betting tips and opportunities can present themselves at value when two desperate teams clash. And, even though it’s early in the season, relegation alarm bells must be ringing for fans of both teams. This will be especially true for supporters of Norwich, who have yet to see their squad earn a single point this season. With both squads coming off a loss, will there be fireworks or a dull display?

Norwich City vs Watford 

Date: 18th September 2021

Venue: Carrow Road Stadium

Time: 4 pm (UK time)

Both Norwich and Watford fans will be used to having sleepless nights over relegation, but perhaps not usually so early in the season. So Canaries fans will be filling their home stadium on Saturday with cheers for their team to get points on the log. Indeed, they can feel a little hard done by as they faced a wicked draw from the start of the Premier League – facing some top teams that nobody expected them to beat. On the upside, though, the road should be getting a bit easier for Norwich from now on, and this encounter against Watford could be the start of a less bumpy journey. To have faced all of Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester and Arsenal in their first four weeks of the new Premier League season is nightmarish stuff. The concern, of course, is that the players’ confidence has been damaged so severely that they’ll be used to losing by now.

Watford’s form at a glance may seem superior as they’ve at least grabbed 3 points this season. But to be honest, that’s not comparing apples with apples. Freshly promoted, Watford has had a far more straightforward passage so far, and things will no doubt get even rockier for the squad as they begin to face more formidable rivals. While they started the season with a goal-laden 3-2 win over Aston Villa, there’s been little reason for Hornets fans to celebrate since the team has been conquered in each of its next three Premier League matches. And, not necessarily to giants in form, but rather to Brighton, Tottenham and Wolves. So this season is not going swimmingly, and there is much to fear on the horizon for the Hornets. There is most likely very little confidence going into this encounter on Saturday.

Norwich vs Watford Betting Odds

Sometimes, looking at the log and points scored this season is the best indicator when estimating the odds for a football match. In this instance, however, that isn’t the case. Because of the deceptive nature of the draw so far, as mentioned, the path for both teams has been very different. That, combined with the home advantage, rightly put Norwich on top of the bookmaker’s boards. But how accurate are the odds below, and are there any betting opportunities or good betting tips that can be derived? Have a look at the current odds; then, we’ll break down the form of each team and make an assessment.

Season Highlight/Lowlight


Highlight: Norwich 6 – 0 Bournemouth (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)

Seeing as though Norwich has lost all four Premier League matches, it’s safe to say that the highlight of their current performances is actually in the Carabao Cup. It was there that they routed Bournemouth by six goals in front of a lively crowd of Canary fans in their home stadium. All it took was a 12th-minute opening goal from expensive recent transfer Christos Tzolis to open the floodgates, and the writing was soon on the wall. Norwich found the back of the net easily and quickly as an overwhelmed Bournemouth side looked stunned.

While this was a flashy performance worthy of highlighting, it should also be noted that the last match of Norwich – falling 1-0 away from home to Arsenal was also an excellent performance.

Lowlight: Manchester City 5 – 0 Norwich

While almost every pundit going into this game would have safely predicted a City victory, the disappointment lies in how badly Norwich capitulated. From the opening Krul goal in the 7th minute to the closing Mahrez one in the 84th minute, this match was all one-way traffic. At no point did Norwich even give a glimmer of proper resistance.


Highlight: Watford 3 – 2 Aston Villa

The Hornets were buzzing at Vicarage Road as they treated their fans to a thrilling start to the new Premier League season. Flying off to a 3-0 start, Watford seemed to be brimming with confidence. D Bonaventure began the fairy tale by finding the back of the net in the 10th minute, with Sarr consolidating the scoreline in the 42nd minute and Hernandez effectively sealing the deal with a stunning goal in the 67th minute. While Watford dropped their guard a bit after that, allowing Villa two comeback goals, they were never in danger of defeat.

Lowlight: Brighton 2 – 0 Watford

Fresh off their fantastic opening game, Watford travelled to American Express Community Stadium to face Brighton. Unfortunately, right after kickoff, it became clear that the Hornets were off slightly off-kilter. Not only did they continually relinquish possession, but they only had one on target shot during the entire 90 minutes. They were left in the starting blocks, never gaining rhythm or momentum, and after the home team scored in the 10th minute, things got worse – all in all, a day best forgotten for Watford fans.

Squad News

Rumour has it that there won’t be any significant changes as both teams, despite recent results, appear to have the full support of management. One would hope, though, that Watford could somehow bolster what has been a decidedly attacking lineup.

Match Preview

While Watford can hold their head high after coming to the Premier League and opening with a win, there is still much improvement to be made if they are to be seriously competitive at this level. The Hornets introduction to the top-flight has been a somewhat gentle draw, and Saturday’s game against the Canaries would be the start of a tough road ahead. While they did show their goal-scoring capabilities against Villa, they are yet to find the back of the net in the Premier League. This absence of goals must bring concerns over their attacking plays.

Norwich is hardly a powerhouse at the moment, though, winless in the Premier League this season. Still, like a racehorse dropping in class, the team must be relishing the prospect of facing opponents of lesser calibre than in their recent outings. And, they have, after all, shown what they can do when that happens – one need look no further than their Carabao Cup demolition of Bournemouth. It’s for these reasons, plus the home crowd advantage that Norwich is selected to prevail. It’s a case of first glance not painting an entirely accurate picture of the situation. The Canaries are the stronger team despite not having a single point this season, and they are selected to give their fans something to sing about on Saturday. One element of doubt is that Watford holds an advantage over Norwich in head to head encounters. Still, Norwich is a tentative selection to prevail and turn around their fortunes by putting valuable points on the log.

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There’s little reason to think that this match would have any impact on the Premiership title race – after all, both teams are languishing. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking about who will lift the trophy, here are the odds below.