How To Play Roulette And Win

Every gambler knows of the game roulette, but the real question is, do you know how to play roulette and win? Well, here is everything you need to gain a better understanding of the game and how to trigger big wins. With a huge amount of history and development, this game is one of the most culturally rich casino games to be found in the world of online gambling.

Roulette is by far one of the most widely played casino games and falls within the top 10 most played online options. With such a high demand for the game, there must be something special about it, so keep reading to find out more!

What Is Roulette

Before we get into all the finer details, let’s make sure everyone fully understands what the game essentially is. Roulette originated in France and was named after the French word meaning ‘little wheel’. The game is all about giving players choices, but as per any casino game, there is always a huge aspect of luck!

Originally roulette was played with the means of a wheel, a ball and cashier, who controls the ball and payouts. But with recent advances, players are now able to play anytime, anywhere with incredible online gambling opportunities.

History of Roulette

Many years back, in 1655, a man by the name of Blaise Pascal, who was a French physicist, inventor, and mathematician, was looking to design a perpetual motion machine. After a slew of attempts, he came up with what is now known as the roulette wheel. It was that moment that the wheel started to turn and pave the way for one of the greatest entertainment ventures ever created.

Roulette picked up momentum quickly, soon finding its way beyond the borders of France. The 1700s saw a huge amount of growth in the gambling industry resulting in a worldwide spread of the game of roulette. By the mid-1700s, America and the whole of Europe had caught on, thanks to French travellers.

Taking to the American gambling industry like wildfire, Americans quickly came up with their version of the game, which initially included numbers 1-36, 0, 00, and the American eagle. This form of play didn’t please players as it set the house edge at a whopping 12.9%. The eagle was quickly deducted from the equation, leaving the roulette trend to keep soaring. A few years later, in 1843, the game further evolved. Two avid french gamblers decided to create a single zero roulette wheel to help spread the thrill of the game. With the addition of zero, players faced a more inviting house edge.

As both technology and understanding of the game developed, more and more options began to pop up, starting with the widespread use of the game leading to the recent online play. Roulette has never stopped growing, and it is now one of the leading games in a multi-million dollar industry.

Nowadays in online, and land-based casinos, you can find multiple variations of the classic form of roulette. Interesting, innovative and fun, these ‘twists’ on the original have breathed life into the game and garnered many new fans. However, regular roulette has remained by far the most popular amongst both hardened gambling veterans and newcomers. Understanding the fundamentals is always the key when it comes to learning how to play roulette and more importantly, how to win at roulette.

How To Play Roulette

Although there are now many different ways to access the game as well as different variations, the basic motive and rules remain the same. To make your experience even more smooth and entertaining, we’ve got tips that work for both online and land-based roulette.

Real money roulette allows players to experience a lucrative high stakes gamble, filled with endless rewards. The rich atmosphere creates a positive environment for all players, edging them towards the next big win.

The main two betting options for roulette are inside and outside bets. The difference between the two is that inside bets allow the player to spread the minimum bet across a range of numbers, whereas outside bets require all bets to meet the minimum betting amount. Outside bets are generally more popular due to the lower house edge.

Here is a breakdown of the different options that fall under inside and outside bets:

Roulette Inside Bet Options

  • Straight Up – With whopping odds of 35-1, this is a single bet on one single number – chosen by placing the chip on the corresponding number of your prediction.
  • Split – A bet which splits your stake into bets on two numbers, paying 17-1 odds. The chip is placed on the line which joins two numbers.
  • Street – Offering 11-1 odds, this bet enables you to choose any row of three numbers by placing the chip on the outer edge line of the first number.
  • Corner – With odds of 8-1, this bet enables you to select four numbers by putting the chip on the intersecting point of the four chosen numbers.
  • Six-Line – By placing the chip on the outer t-junction, you’ll be betting on all six connected numbers with odds of 5-1.
  • Basket (also known as 5 Number Bet) – Generally avoided by pros because of an unacceptable ‘house edge’, this is a bet taken on the numbers 0,1,2,3 and 4 by placing the chip on the point intersecting zero and one. The bet offers odds of 6-1.
  • Snake Bet – An exotic choice, the Snake Bet is placing a chip on each of the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34. This forms a snake shape and awards odds of 2-1. In reality, this is no different from choosing 12 other random numbers to bet on – apart from the pretty design created on the table.

Roulette Outside Bet Options

  • Red/Black – Place a chip on Red or Black for an even money bet.
  • Odd/Even – Place a chip on Odd or Even for an even money bet.
  • High/Low (Manque/Passe) – Betting Low (or Manque) gives the player numbers 1-18 while betting High (or Passe) gives the player numbers 19-36. Both payout odds of 2-1.
  • Columns – By placing a bet at the end of any of the three columns on the 2-1 block, players are given those corresponding odds on any of the above 12 numbers.

How to win at Roulette

Roulette Is successful simply because it provides wins and satisfies a gambler’s need for a thrill. For all those gamblers that enjoy a traditional gambling game with a modern-day edge, online roulette is a perfect choice. Let’s take a look at how to get your game on the winning track.

The game will start with players placing their wagers, this is when players will be faced with the endless betting options. When placing your bet, you will need to decide on both the value being wagered and what you would like to wager on. Lock in your bet by placing it into the designed bet collection point.

Like all casino games, the odds are marginally stacked in the ‘houses’ favour, making winning consistently a tall order. Perhaps the best way to win at roulette is to first eliminate the single most popular gambling strategy. This particular strategy has, despite being disproven countless times, stuck around for hundreds of years and is still widely used today – but beware, it is inherently flawed. You might have guessed by now, we are talking about the infamous Martingale System.

What’s appealing to novice gamblers about the Martingale system is it feeds our instincts to ‘chase losses’. A lot of the time these losses are recouped and a small profit is made. But inevitably following this system leads to a large loss.

The Martingale system is finding a bet that is as close to a 50-50 chance as you can get – in roulette that’s red or black. The player has their bet and if it loses, they double up the stake amount and bet again – doing this each time until they have a winning bet. At this point, the player would have shown a small profit, equal to the size of the first bet. Sound good?

Well, it might, but the problem with the Martingale system is that the bets quickly become very large and players either run out of funds or reach a table limit. Sure, if you had unlimited funds and played at a no limits table this system would work – but the real world doesn’t operate like that, hence, this system is doomed to fail.

Taking this into account, one might expect the polar opposite strategy to be profitable – the Anti-Martingale (or Reverse-Martingale). The premise of this equally ill-fated technique is to double up your bet after each winning bet. Alas, life is not that simple and over time this strategy has also proved to be a failure.

So, is there any betting strategy or system in roulette that can guarantee you a profit? Sadly, as in most gambling, there is not. There are however some tips that may enhance your winning chances and while most of them are just plain common sense, very often they are overlooked:

Bet with only what you can afford to lose.

Don’t mix alcohol with gambling if you are seriously seeking to win. Alcohol impairs concentration and loosens inhibitions. That’s why land-based casinos are so willing to give free booze – it adds up to a losing cocktail for players.
Keep your bets choices constant – don’t base them on what number or colour came up on the last spin – each spin is random.

Where to Play Roulette

In a land-based casino, tons of distractions can distract you from the task at hand – showing a profit! While the glitz and glamour can be mesmerizing, after a few trips to any land-based casino the novelty wears off. Playing roulette at an online casino however affords you the luxury of controlling your environment – optimizing it for maximum comfort, enjoyment and winning potential.

Online roulette is played at many online casinos and the options don’t end there. On top of having to choose your favourite casino, you will also need to decide on the best version for your play. Although all options are equally as thrilling, with gambling it’s all about comfort and thrills. Find the best fit and enter a world of risk and high rewards.

When looking for an online casino it is always important to ensure there are good safety and security measures in place, plus a good reputation would also work in your favour. Online gambling unlocks a whole new aspect of play and gives players the chance to reach enormous wins.

Is Roulette worth the risk?

Online roulette allows for convenience but does not take away any of the thrill factors. No matter the variation you get started with, the game of roulette never disappoints. It’s close to the perfect casino game and that’s why it’s stood the test of time. With a unique mystique and allure, roulette seems destined to forever be a top option for gamblers.

Roulette is a superb place to start your online gambling journey. So, maybe its time to choose an online casino and get your roulette adventure started today!