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Is Reactoonz really that awesome? Read on to find out…

Reactoonz is a thrilling online slot game developed by Play’n GO, an acclaimed software provider in the online gambling industry. Released in 2017, Reactoonz quickly gained popularity among players due to its unique theme, engaging gameplay, and potential for big wins. Let’s have an in depth look at this online slot game to see whether it’s worth investing your hard-earned gambling money.

Theme and Characters:

Reactoonz features a playful, cartoonish, and extraterrestrial theme. It’s main characters being a collection of colourful alien creatures known as Reactoonz. Each of these charming creatures has its distinct look and personality, adding a fun and lively atmosphere to the game. The game is set in outer space, with the backdrop depicting a star-filled cosmos, further enhancing the extraterrestrial feel.


The game’s symbols consist of eight different Reactoonz, each with unique colour and facial expression. The symbols are divided into two groups: low-paying and high-paying. The low-paying symbols are represented by the smaller, one-eyed Reactoonz, while the high-paying symbols feature the larger, two-eyed Reactoonz. Additionally, a Wild symbol is represented by the glowing, three-eyed creature Gargantoon.

Reel Layout

Reactoonz utilizes a 7×7 grid layout, where symbols cascade from the top and fill the screen. It’s eye-catching and adds to the thrills. After all, any deviation from standard reels is welcome among slot players. Instead of traditional paylines, the game uses a cluster pay mechanic. Players need to form clusters of five or more matching symbols to achieve a winning combination, either horizontally or vertically adjacent. When a win occurs, the winning symbols disappear, allowing new symbols to cascade down. They then fill the empty spaces, potentially leading to more wins.

Reactoonz Special Features

Reactoonz offers several special features that add excitement and increase the potential for big wins:

  • Quantum Leap: On the right side of the grid, there is a Quantum Leap meter that charges with each winning combination. When the meter is fully charged, one of four random Quantum features is activated: Alteration, Implosion, Demolition, or Incision.
  • Alteration: One low-paying symbol is chosen, and all instances of it are transformed into another symbol.
  • Implosion: Three to six symbols are turned into Wild symbols, while adjacent symbols are destroyed.
  • Demolition: All low-paying symbols are removed from the grid, allowing new symbols to cascade down.
  • Incision: A Wild symbol is placed in the centre of the grid, and two intersecting diagonal lines are created, displaying the same random symbol.
  • Gargantoon: If players charge the Quantum Leap meter five times in a single game round, the Gargantoon feature is activated. Gargantoon is a 3×3 Wild symbol that divides into smaller Wild symbols on non-winning spins. This proves additional opportunities for winning combinations.
  • Fluctuating Symbols: At the start of each spin, one low-paying symbol is randomly chosen as the fluctuating symbol. If the fluctuating symbol is part of a winning combination, it leaves behind two Wild symbols.

Graphic Design and Sounds

Reactoonz features a bright and colourful graphic design. It has lively animations and a vivid colour palette that adds to the game’s overall appeal. The game’s background music and sound effects are futuristic and upbeat, perfectly complementing the extraterrestrial theme.


Reactoonz offers fast-paced and engaging gameplay, with cascading symbols and cluster pays. The result is a fresh and exciting alternative to traditional payline slots. The various special features and bonus elements ensure the game remains entertaining and holds players’ interest throughout their gaming session. Cascading symbols allows for multiple wins in a single spin – an we all love that! At the same time, the Quantum Leap and Gargantoon features add layers of excitement and anticipation as players try to unlock more significant rewards.


Reactoonz is developed using HTML5 technology, which means it is compatible with a wide range of devices. These include desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Players can enjoy the game on their preferred device, whether at home or on the go, without compromising the quality of graphics or gameplay.

Games Like Reactoonz

If you enjoy Reactoonz, you may also like other similar games that feature cluster pays, cascading symbols, or unique themes. Some popular options include:

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Is Reactoonz online slot game worth playing?

Hell yeah! Reactoonz is a whole lotta fun. What makes it stand out from the crowd are its unique theme, engaging gameplay, and many special features. Its 7×7 grid layout and cluster pay mechanic offer a fresh take on traditional slots. At the same time, the cascading symbols and numerous bonus elements keep the game exciting and full of potential for big wins. The vibrant graphics and fun characters further enhance the overall gaming experience. It’s tough to put into words, but basically this slot makes you feel like a kids again. Reactoonz is a must-try for players looking for a distinctive and enjoyable slot game. Best of all, being one of the most popular slots on the planet means that it’s easy to find! So, choose one of our great casino bonus offers and start spinning to win today!