BitStarz No Deposit Bonus With 20 Free Spins

Many online casinos and gaming sites will offer no deposit bonuses and free spins to attract you to create an account on their site. While this is a marketing strategy, it also offers ways for you to win without spending a huge amount of money! Some sites have better offers in the “no deposit bonus” and free spin department.

BitStarz casino is an online casino and gaming site that offers above-average no deposit opportunities and free spins for signing up to the site. Power-ups and free spins are offered as bonuses when certain deposits are made. It’s worth noting that Bitstarz is an innovator and was the first online casino to offer either Bitcoin or Euros as currency options!

These bonus plays can be extremely rewarding, not only offering free chances to play, but chances to win prizes on a weekly basis, just for playing!
As we take a look at these special BitStarz offerings for their members, you will agree that their bonus plays are hard to beat!

BitStarz Amazing Welcome Package!

BitStarz has an incredible welcome package that is offered to first time members. Most similar online casino sites will struggle to match such a generous package!
The comprehensive welcome package includes the following.

BitStarz No Deposit Bonus on Sign-up

BitStarz casino grants 20 free spins to a new member on sign-up. The BitStarz No deposit bonus code is required to unlock these 20 free spins. As can be expected, there are some conditions regarding these free spins. Your winnings on the BitStarz no deposit bonus 20 free spins cannot exceed 100 EUR. Winnings gained with these spins also cannot be withdrawn until you have made a deposit of at least 20 EUR or similar amount in Bitcoin.

A word of advice is to use a genuine email address when registering on BitStarz. Using disposable email addresses may result in your winnings from the no deposit free spins being confiscated. The reason for this is that many unscrupulous people try to open multiple accounts for many chances at free spins.

BitStarz First Deposit Bonus

Many other sites will have stopped at the no deposit bonus 20 free spins offer, but not BitStarz! Here comes the next installment in the form of a welcome package bonus from BitStarz. As a new member, when you make your first deposit, which must be a minimum of $20 or 0.006 BTC, your deposit bonus will be matched with a 100% bonus, up to the value of $100 or 1 BTC. The benefits don’t stop there though! In addition to the deposit bonus, you also get 180 free spins!

These free spins are credited to you in increments. You get the first 20 free spins immediately after your first deposit. You will get 20 further free spins every 24 hours thereafter for a period of 8 days until the total number of free spins has reached the 180 total!

BitStarz Second Deposit Bonus

The benefits just keep on coming with BitStarz! When you make a second deposit into your online account, BitStarz will give you a 50% bonus to a maximum of $100 or 1 BTC. This bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your second deposit! With this additional bonus, you can do a little exploring on what the BitStarz site has to offer. Why not try out a new game for the first time from their wide range of exciting top casino games!

This is another great incentive offered that will extend the amount of fun you can experience at BitStarz as you explore the site as a new member!

BitStarz Third Deposit Bonus

The welcome package from these guys is the gift that keeps on giving! When you have had so much fun that you make a third deposit into your account, your reward from BitStarz will be a 50% bonus on your deposit, up to a maximum of $200 or 2 BTC. The great thing about these deposits is you don’t have to stick to one currency. For example, If you make your first deposit in Euros, you can make the next one in Bitcoin!

BitStarz Fourth Deposit Bonus

I bet you thought that that was the last bonus in the welcome package! The good news is that for your fourth deposit, you will, once again receive a 100% bonus to the maximum value of $100 or 1BTC. This bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your deposit! No codes to fill in, no hoops to jump through!

It’s Just The Beginning!

I am sure that you will agree, the welcome package offered by BitStarz casino is a very generous gesture for new sign-ups! However, the bonus offers don’t stop with new members. The site has regular promotions to bring that extra dimension of fun to your online experience!

  • The Sweet Level Up Adventure is one such promotion, which offers the chance to win up to 10 000 EUR in cash, 50 000 EUR in individual prize pools as well as incredible BitStarz merchandise!
  • The Welcome Freeroll is a weekly opportunity to win a portion of up to 1000 EUR with a maximum prize of 200 EUR.
  • Slot Wars is another one of the weekly promotions you can participate in. It offers a 5000 EUR prize pool and 5000 free spins that are available as prizes!
  • Table Wars is a big-time offering that offers up to 10 000 EUR in prizes that you can play for every week. It is a leaderboard type competition where the higher you rank, the bigger the prize you can win!
  • 50% Monday Reload Bonus. This type of bonus is an example of regular promotions that are offered on BitStarz. This is a day of the week promotion which offers a 50% deposit bonus of up to $300 when you make your first deposit of the day – but only on a Monday!
  • Free Spins Wednesday. This promotion is only valid on Wednesdays for players who make a deposit and then wager the full value of the deposit before midnight on Wednesday nights! The number of free spins you get will depend on the amount you deposit. For example, a $30 deposit will get you 20 free spins. A deposit to the amount of $160 will net you an amazing 200 free spins!
  • Last Man Standing. This is the last promotion we are showcasing for the BitStarz site and is one of the most popular on the platform! To participate in this promotion, you compete against other players on the site by wagering 20 Eur every day for the duration of the promotion. The prize offered is a chance to win 5000 EUR!

As you can see, BitStarz Casino values it’s members and offers many generous promotions that not only increase your winning potential but enhance the fun and entertainment value offered online!