Secrets to winning when gambling online

Gambling successfully requires forethought, planning and peace of mind. While the odds are always stacked against you, minimising losses and maxmising profits is possible.

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First of all – let’s not mislead anyone here: there is no magic hack, system, or outline that will ensure that you win when gambling online. But, and this is a big but (and I like big buts, I cannot lie) – there are ways to minimise your losses and maximise your wins. Methods that can ensure you get more value from your hard-earned gambling dollars, euros, pounds, bitcoin or whatever.

Step 1 : Understanding the opponent

Make no mistake – the online casino or betting site that you choose to gamble on is your opponent. Sure, they may be courteous, professional, and even in some cases, generous, BUT (and here’s another big but) all online betting sites have the same purpose as any free market enterprise – to make money.
This is not some non-profit raffle or community charity looking to raise money – it is a methodical, well-thought-out industry designed to entertain customers and retain a certain amount of their turnover as profit.
Don’t believe me, and you think it’s a fair fight? Well, it’s not. Each casino game has an RTP% (Return To Player) dictating how much of its turnover it will return to customers (we’ll chat about that a bit later), and every sports book has betting percentages designed to protect the bookmaker and give the house an “edge”.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t win. It doesn’t even mean that there aren’t ways to “game the system”. All it means is that you are the underdog – and you must never forget it.

Step 2: Understanding why you want to gamble

Why do we gamble if the odds are perpetually against us? We do it for various reasons – some healthy and some not. We gamble for entertainment, stress relief, the challenge and the hope of making money. Now, all of these could actually be healthy or unhealthy depending on your frame of mind and financial situation.
If you are gambling with expendable income, then it would be considered a hobby like any other. You spend some money – sometimes you win, and when you lose, the loss doesn’t affect your life. But (aw c’mon, another big but) if you’re gambling with money that you can’t afford to lose, then this is extremely unhealthy. Taking the rent, food, or school fee money to satisfy an urge to gamble can only lead to destruction. Just stop, because even if you win, you’ll probably carry on until you lose. If you’re stealing or borrowing from family or friends to have a flutter – stop.
People who can afford to lose are often the ones that win. Is that because life is cruel? No, it’s because you’re most likely to make a clear-headed decision when the consequences aren’t earth-shattering.

Step 3: Picking your battles

Imagine you’re a professional tennis player. Would you rather play against Rafael Nadal or the local club pro? DUH – that’s a stupid question, right? Yes, of course it is, but if it’s so, then why do we not pay any cognisance to the odds we’re up against when choosing an online casino game or sporting event?

Sure, if you like Egyptian themed slots, by all means, spin away while you look at the pyramids or sphinx but (another big but that, I cannot lie, I actually like) CHOOSE THE SLOT WITH THE HIGHEST RTP% IN THE THEME YOU ENJOY. 

It really makes sense to seek out the online slots with the highest RTP% that you can find, because on average you will lose less, and win more with these slots. It’s basic maths, common sense and a simple strategy that can make all the difference.

If you’re betting on sports – compare the odds before you have a bet. Why on earth would you punt a sports team at 2/1 when you would get 3/1 elsewhere? It’s like going to the supermarket and seeing the same box of cornflakes at two different prices, then choosing the higher priced one. You could even shop around so much that you find two betting sites with such differing odds, that if you bet at both, you can’t lose. For example, if it’s Chelsea vs Arsenal in the final of a soccer tournament and there is betting to lift the trophy: maybe at site A you can get 12/10 Chelsea and at site B you can get 12/10 Arsenal. That means, if you put the same amount on each of them, you’ll be in for a 20% profit irrespective of the result.

Step 4: Make sure you choose a reputable online betting site

“I found an online betting site and won a fortune, but now I can’t get paid”. With the proliferation of gambling online, this story is unfortunately all too common. So, before you begin, make sure that you choose an online betting site that is a proper business with good customer service

FYI: On Ultragambler we’ll only list sites that we believe have an impeccable product, service and reputation.

Step 5: Stretching your gambling kitty

Getting an instant boost to your betting bank is one of the best ways to tilt the odds in your favour. You can do that by looking around at the online casino and sportsbook bonuses that we have on offer. (OK – there are a bit too many ads around the site, but in our defence they are great offers from superb online betting sites) That way you can begin with a fantastic bonus which is a fabulous first step to the possibility of winning. Legitimate bonuses don’t make you turnover the money hundreds of times before withdrawing. So, you’ll increase the odds of winning dramatically if you take this route.

Recap of main points:

  • Wrap your head around the fact that you will always be the underdog. 
  • Work out why you’re looking to gamble and if it’s unhealthy, then don’t.
  • Choose the games, sporting events and betting sites that give you the best chance of winning. If you can take a no-risk approach to sports betting, then do it.
  • Select a reputable online casino or bookmaker. Whether Ultragambler is your trusted source or another site – just make sure you don’t bet with a black market site where you won’t get paid.
  • Find the right first, second and third deposit bonus.

Look around the ads and reviews on Ultragambler, follow this advice, have fun and may your luck be abundant!