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From digital currencies to online transactions, the rapid digitisation of the world has reshaped how we perceive and interact with various aspects of our daily lives. One of these changes is the rise of “provably fair games.” This revolutionary approach to online gaming is a critical development worth understanding, whether you’re an online gambler, a game developer, or an interested observer.

After all, a big key to winning when gambling is to try and have the odds as much in your favour as possible. Plus there needs to be the consumer confidence of knowing that you’re not being cheated. So, let’s delve into this fascinating world.

What Are Provably Fair Games?

Provably fair games are online gambling or gaming platforms that use cryptographic algorithms to ensure fairness. They allow the players to verify the randomness and fairness of the outcome themselves. The underlying principle lies in transparency, as players no longer have to rely solely on the game provider’s claim for fairness.

In this way, trust is enhanced between the player and the casino. Win lose or draw – you know that youy’ll be getting your best chance of winning.

The Origins of Provably Fair Games

The concept of provably fair games originated around 2012, shortly after the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With the surge of these digital currencies, many online casinos started operating in cryptocurrencies, with some offering provably fair games.

The connection is apparent: blockchain technology allowed financial transactions to become transparent and verifiable, but it also permitted gaming outcomes to follow suit. Despite being applauded as a major advancement, many online casinos initially refused to accept the technology. Perhaps due to it eating into their profit margins, or perhaps as a result of being short-sighted.

The Popularity of Provably Fair Games

Undoubtedly, the popularity of provably fair games is on the rise. After the initial slow adoption of the technology, things definitely picked up pace. The increasing prevalence of online gambling and growing awareness and demand for fairness and transparency in games continue to fuel this trend. Moreover, the greater widespread use of cryptocurrencies bolsters the popularity of provably fair games, as they typically implement blockchain technology.

So as long as players remain educated about their winning chances, while crypto-currencies enjoy their boom, the demand will be for online casino games that provide the best winning chances.

Advantages of Provably Fair Games


Provably fair games address one of the most significant gripes in online gambling – trust. Players can validate the fairness of each game round, eliminating the need for confidence in the gaming provider. Trust is enhanced and confidence in the product is bolstered.


The mechanics of each game are open and verifiable. This transparency means players can confirm that games aren’t rigged, and results are entirely random. No other online casino technology gives player’s this ability.

No Need for External Auditing

Traditionally, online casinos have relied on third-party auditors to validate their games’ fairness. However, with these games, this external auditing becomes unnecessary, as the fairness of each game is verifiable by the players themselves.

Consumers are generally wary of third-party fairness verification, so being able to do this task themselves enhances their confidence while they play. This may in fact increase turnovers for online casinos in the long-run.

Disadvantages of Provably Fair Games


Verifying a game’s fairness can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with cryptographic hashes and algorithms. This complexity can be off-putting for some players. Many people may be intimidated by the complicated way that the games present their fairness.

Cheating Still Possible

Despite ensuring fairness, players can still cheat by using bots or other tools to gain an advantage in gameplay While this is unlikely, it could in theory happen.

Limited Game Variety

The selection is less extensive than traditional online games. As the technology matures, we can expect this to change. But, it is still unlikely to ever challenge the immense array or traditional games on offer.

The Future of Provably Fair Games

In conclusion, the trajectory for provably fair games looks promising. They offer unprecedented transparency and fairness in the online gaming and gambling industry, raising the bar for trust and security. However, like any other innovative technology, they also present unique challenges.

It’s widely known that the demand for fairness and transparency grows each day, and it’s safe to predict that this trend will become more prevalent. As technology advances and the complexity reduces, these games will become more accessible, possibly becoming the new norm in online gaming. But, it is important that the online gambling industry ensure that the complicated nature of verifying fairness is not only simplified, but presented in a more palatable way. After all, these games aren’t simply for crypto-enthusiasts – they’re for anyone looking to have the best possible chance of winning when gambling online.

There does also need to be more commitment from the world’s leading software providers to adopt this technology. Otherwise it may never fulfil it’s true potential of transforming the online casino landscape. But, if enough people flock to these types of games, then perhaps this can happen. After all, demand fuels innovation and it is a supply and demand industry.

Where Can I Play Provably Fair Games?

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