Busting Top 4 Myths of Playing Online Casino Games

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There are a number of myths that are often believed by people who play slots and live tables in an online casino. This is also the case for players who use exclusive promotions like bonus offers and free spins during online casino games

Unfortunately, gamblers often adhere rigidly to this way of thinking, when it is not correct at all. 

In order to make optimal use of an UltraGambler promotional code or bonus, it is good not to fall into such pitfalls. Below you will find three misunderstandings that casino players often make when playing online casino games. This way, you can avoid these problems as much as possible and then maybe win big!.

1. Confirmation Bias in Online Casino Games

Imagine playing roulette at an online casino all night long. You constantly bet on your favourite number 26 but it hardly falls. Just when you skip a few turns, the number 26 drops a few times in a row. How is that possible? 

This is called Confirmation Bias. You give more weight to the events that support your theory. In this case, of course, your theory is that your numbers always fall when you’re not playing. So you pay close attention to it so that it stands out more. After all, if you don’t play your number will often not fall, but you actually forget that. This rule applies to all online casino games.

2. You Won’t Win Using Bonuses or Free Spins

It is certainly possible to win money when using a bonus that you have received from an online casino. To do this, you must of course adhere to the bonus rules. 

For example, at an online casino, you will have to stick to a maximum bet per spin. You also have to bet the bonus a few times before it is released. 

Moreover, there is a good chance that you cannot use it with certain slots or online casino games. Do you adhere to all these bonus conditions? Yes, then you can indeed win money with the free spins.Then you can turn those profits into even more when you play online casino games for real money.

3. More Paylines Equal Greater Chances of Winning

It is often said that you should always play the maximum number of paylines, otherwise a slot machine will pay out less. That is not correct, because it is a misconception. After all, the payout percentage of a slot machine does not depend on the number of paylines you play. The payout percentage will always remain the same. 

There are players who reduce the number of paylines and increase the bet per line. With this, they want to achieve a higher variance. In the long run, a slot machine will still pay the same.

4. Don’t Bet Against Another Player during Online Casino Games

Players of baccarat and craps will be aware that you can place a bet on another player or even the dealer. However, some people believe that this can bring bad luck – of course, this is false.

It won’t bring you bad luck if you bet on the dealer or another player. This option is entirely up to you who or what you want to bet on. Even if your fellow players don’t like you going against them, everyone knows the rules of the game.

Sometimes betting on the dealer can be the best way to win!

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