Virtual Sports Betting the Advantages and Disadvantages

The popularity of virtual sports betting has grown exponentially in recent times. This is due to the increase in quality and number of virtual sports games such as the new generation FIFA virtual football games. Many such games have been developed in multiple sport disciplines. The quality of the game-play and realism of the graphics are incredibly realistic, spectacular and dynamic making the games very realistic to play or watch!

A natural progression of the popularity of such games was the introduction of betting on these virtual contests.

It is now not only possible to create and manage your own virtual sports teams, but also to place wagers on computer-generated matches tournaments and leagues. These virtual sports encompass football, baseball, tennis, hockey, horse racing, and more.

Today, the world of virtual sport has become an excellent alternative to traditional sports. First of all, due to the availability of events: at any minute or time of day and season, you can enjoy virtual sports tournaments according to real rules and principles.

What Are The Advantages of Virtual Sports Betting?

Being a relatively new kid on the block, virtual sports betting is often not taken seriously by seasoned sports punters. They often regard this type of betting with some disdain and a level of amusement.

This attitude is, however, contradicted by the growing popularity and the fact that bookmakers are continuing to offer wagers on virtual sports. The potential profit to be made is enough to be taken seriously and not dismissed as just a game.
In fact, virtual sports betting has several advantages over physical sports betting that make it attractive to a growing fan base worldwide!

  • Convenience is a major advantage. You can enjoy sports betting from wherever you can get an internet connection.
  • The variety of sports available to wager on is much larger. You can bet on some virtual sports that don’t currently offer wagers in the real world.
  • More opportunities to play. At the click of a mouse, you can wager on various different sports every 90 seconds on most sites and getting an outcome in 3 minutes. This means more chances of winning and more fun!
  • Easier for beginners. It’s easy to play and anyone can win or take part without having in-depth knowledge of sports betting!
  • Bad weather, injured players and other factors won’t be able to affect the outcome of the match.
  • Virtual sports betting is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and all year round. This differs from the physical games which are only available seasonally in some sports and only on certain days on the week.
  • There is no match-fixing in virtual sports, where players, teams or managers cannot intentionally change the outcome of a sporting event.

These are but a few of the advantages of taking your betting into the online space! There are many other pros to this type of betting. For example, in virtual sports, everything generates randomly for each event. This means that you don’t need to analyse a team or players past performances to make a safe bet. This makes the outcome of the games more down to chance. This makes Virtual Sports betting available, and indeed, more attractive to a wider range of people. In effect it levels the playing field for punters, so you don’t need specialized knowledge to participate.

Taking the element of skill required out of the equation, this makes Virtual Sports games much more like playing slot machines. For some players, this may be considered a disadvantage rather than an advantage, but this largely depends on your preference as a bettor. If you aren’t an avid sports fan, then Virtual Sports gives you a simple and easy way to enjoy sports betting without the need for specialist sports knowledge.

These advantages, and especially the fact that you only have to wait 3 minutes maximum to find out the outcome of your bet, make these this type of betting appealing to a vast number of people.

It also makes for a safe platform for beginners to learn with minimal risk, but yet still has the excitement appeal for seasoned punters.

What Are The Disadvantages of Virtual Sport Betting?

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, there are some disadvantages associated with virtual sports betting too.

No skill or research required. We discussed this as being an advantage to virtual sports betting, but for some people, it is very much a disadvantage. For this type of bettor, much of the fun and excitement aspect is derived from following the players and teams and their past performances to predict an outcome. Usually, this type of player is not only a bettor but an avid supporter of players or teams in that sport.

Another disadvantage, and probably the biggest one, is that there is a temptation to place more bets and spend more money. This is as a direct consequence of it being so easy to participate, and the events are so frequent in the virtual environment. This could also lead to developing a gambling addiction.

The very nature of virtual sports being virtual puts some people off. They prefer to place their bets in person and experience the entire match. For them, this provides more of an adrenalin rush than the sometimes clinical nature of virtual sports betting.

While these disadvantages are more regarding your personal preference in the style of gambling you prefer, the possibility of gambling addiction is probably the most important of the disadvantages. Then again, each person needs to exercise caution and restraint with all types of betting as this could be a potential risk in all these activities. The constant key is always to only gamble with what you can afford to lose.

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While virtual sports betting is not for everyone, it has grown and continues to grow in popularity. It is an easy and safe way to experiment in the world of sports betting as a beginner, and yet provides much of the same rush to keep seasoned punters coming back for more!