Online Gambling a Stress-Reliever or Inducer?

In the current state of world affairs, plenty of us are thinking about the virtues and drawbacks of gambling – specifically online casinos and sportsbooks. What’s gambling as a hobby really like? Well, you’ve undoubtedly seen both sides of the coin in films – the glorious freewheeling gambling wins and the spiralling out of control nightmare losses. But to be honest those extremes portrayed in the entertainment world aren’t an accurate reflection of the general truth.

Most people’s experiences with gambling are dictated by a combination of personality, personal circumstances and quality of services offered. Sure, they vary vastly, just like on the silver screen, but the emotions induced are to some degree, fairly predictable. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect whether gambling is a stress reliever or inducer:


Every one of us is unique, but we all have glimpses of certain personality traits that predispose us to either having fun gambling or being miserable:

Life of the Party

This is a person who is looking to have fun, no matter the prevailing circumstances. Many times he/she may be totally oblivious to the dangers or signs around them which point to the contrary. This personality type is generally going to end up being a big winner or a big loser when it comes to betting. That’s because they’ll end up going bigger and bigger until a huge win or they can’t afford to bet any more.

Control Freak

Like your shoes lined up in a row, equidistantly spaced apart? Are you a meticulous perfectionist? Well, if you are. you represent possibly one of the most interesting personality types when it comes to gambling. You have all the traits to keep your gambling finances in check and to adhere to any gambling system you develop, without being tempted to deviate or bet bigger on sentiment. In theory, you should have the best chance of pretty much anyone to win.

You will be methodical enough to find arbitraging possibilities at sportsbooks and also to choose online betting sites with the best bonuses only. The possible problem, however, could be an inability to let go of the fact that you lose sometimes. Even those gamblers who are net winners over time have plenty of losing days. If you are unable to “shake off a loss”, you will end up being haunted by it.


If you started playing golf, then ended up playing 5 days a week to the detriment of your family life – then please, don’t gamble. If you have been unable to shake addictions over the course of your life, then please, don’t gamble. Whether it be a gene or the product of upbringing, the bottom line is that many of us have addictive personalities. Not only are we unable to stop an activity, but we constantly crave more until it casts a long and ominous shadow over life.


Your laissez-faire attitude might give you the key to gambling for fun. Assuming you keep your wits about you, gambling might just be an affordable (and possibly profitable) way to reduce your stress. This personality type also has the added advantage of remaining cool and collected when it comes to decision time in games like poker or blackjack.

Personal Circumstances

Personal circumstances change during the course of our lifetime. At some point in your life, these circumstances could enhance the stress-relieving aspects of gambling, or they may amplify the stress-inducing parts:


If there are no strings on you and your time is your own, then you have a decided advantage over most of the population. You can choose to gamble when you’re feeling fresh, alert and confident. You’re also more likely to have expendable income, which is key to having the best chance of winning.

Family/relationship orientated

You sneak some visits to the online casino or sportsbook in stolen moments between family/relationship commitments. From the start, you will be at a disadvantage – especially if you hide your hobby. If you have lots of spare money and don’t mind risking a bit of it, be open and honest with your loved ones. Then set time aside to let off some steam and have some fun gambling online. Not only will your chances of winning be better, but you’ll feel better about yourself too.

Under financial pressure

If you have no expendable income, gambling online should be approached with a wary amount of caution. Sure, there are stories of people on their last legs financially who have a windfall, but most of the time it’s a far different picture. Decision making is impaired when you “can’t afford to lose” and that’s a big problem. Even if playing games of skill such as poker or blackjack, it will be very tough to make the right calls. If you are determined to try, start extremely small and try a meditation app or something similar to keep you calm.

Quality of services offered

Imagine being at the supermarket and seeing one product that has bad reviews with another that has spectacular ones. They are both the same price – one will most likely make you ill and the other will be a taste sensation. Is it a tough choice?

Illegal online casinos and sportsbooks

The internet is littered with online casinos and sportsbooks that are not licenced or legal. You might have a great deal of fun at these online casinos, but not only will your winning chances be less but – when you do win you may not get paid. Isn’t that perhaps the greatest stress inducer? Having a massive win, daydreaming about how you will spend your newly acquired fortune and then…the endless wait to get paid. The countless unanswered emails and finally the penny drops that there is no legal recourse for you to get your money.

Legal online casinos and sportsbooks of ill-repute

Having a gambling licence doesn’t automatically make a betting site upstanding or honourable. You’ll find many have no intention of providing a good and fair service. These online casinos and sportsbooks have many complaints about slow-paying or sometimes not even paying at all. Normally their customer support is close to non-existent and very often their casino games are pirated. Sure, they may lure you in with great deposit bonuses or free spins – but what’s the point? Why would you ever knowingly choose an inferior product when you can get a better one after a cursory investigation?

Legal online casinos and sportsbooks with high standards

You’ve hit the jackpot when you find an online casino or sportsbook that is legal but also trusted. With a proven track record of happy players, you’ll know that the online betting service you select will give you the maximum winning chance. Boosting this will be online casino and sportsbook bonuses that you MUST take advantage of to enhance your betting bank. Don’t settle for the rest – choose the best. (Wow, that sounds like such a cheesy sales pitch, but it’s true.)

As we said, everyone is different, but our online gambling experiences will most likely involve a combination of the above factors. If you can guess which categories you fall into, you’ll probably get a pretty good idea of whether your online casino or sportsbook playing will be a stress-relieving hobby or a stress-inducing one. Before you begin your journey, kick off the right way with an online betting experience that is legal and trusted – check out the UltraGambler online casino and sportsbook bonuses today.