What Are Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses And Promotions?

Players venturing into the online casino world for the first time will come across many terms and industry-related jargon that may not be immediately clear. One such query, especially for newcomers is the question of no deposit bonuses and promotions.

What are online casino no deposit bonuses and promotions? Online casinos offer no deposit bonuses and promotions to attract new clientele to their platform. These bonuses can be in the form of free spins, no deposit bonuses, and other promotions. It is, essentially, a marketing tool that makes membership with the online casino an attractive prospect for online casino players.

So how do these various promotional aspects work when it comes to online casinos? Online casinos offer many different types of promotions to attract new members. With this article we will cover the more common types of new membership offerings regularly offered to new members by online casinos.

What Is A No Deposit Bonus?

When a no deposit bonus is offered by an online casino, it is usually aimed at new members and not available to existing members. The offer will be generated on the creation of your account and on completing all the required information that is part of the registration process.

The actual no deposit bonus is a small cash amount that is loaded into your membership account once all the registration criteria have been met. The purpose of this small cash gift is for you to get to know the site and try out some of the online games.

The name “no deposit bonus” implies that you qualify for the benefit without having to make a deposit into your account as a prerequisite.

The no deposit bonus will usually come with some terms and conditions, particularly around any winnings that you make with these free bonuses. Any winnings you make with the bonus cash will usually only be released to you after turnover criteria is met and/or once you make a deposit into your account. The funds will then be released into your account and you can use them to continue playing on the site.

This measure needs to be taken to protect the casino from people creating accounts, using the free bonuses, withdrawing their winnings, and then closing their membership.

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What Are Deposit Bonuses?

A first deposit bonus is an alternative form of promotion that requires you to make an initial deposit in your new membership account. When you make your deposit, the bonus is activated.

Often, this type of bonus will be a multi-value benefit. What we mean by this is that there will be multiple bonus offers for multiple deposits that the new member makes.

As an example, a casino may offer to match the new member’s first deposit by 100%, obviously with an upper limit to the amount. So if a new player deposits $50, the casino will match the $50, giving the new member a total of $100 to play with.
Some online casinos will offer up to 4 deposit matching bonuses to new members. This means that new members will be able to access these benefits up to the fourth deposit they make into their new account. The value of these bonuses throughout the four deposits can add up to a significant benefit in some cases.

These deposit matching bonuses will normally require a minimum deposit amount to be activated and will be subject to a maximum ceiling amount that will be matched.

These promotions require a deposit to be initiated but any winnings you make through these bonus deposits are usually available only after you fulfill the “rollover clause”. This is simply the number of times you need to turnover your bonus before it is freed up. It’s worth noting that disreputable casinos make this clause prohibitive.

Make sure you are familiar with all the requirements for the bonuses and promotions before you commit yourself to a signing up.

What Are Free Spins

Sometimes, online casinos will offer free spins to new members as a promotional offer. Typically, these free spins can be used on any casino-type game that uses a spinning mechanism, such as slot machines.

Casinos may however limit the number and type of machines or games that the free spins can be used on. For example, they may not allow free spins to be used on any of the high payout games.

Some players or prospective members may prefer the no deposit bonus option since this will give them more flexibility on the types of games they can try out. With the free spins, you are pretty much limited to the slot machine-style games.
As with most of the other promotion bonuses, similar turnover terms and conditions apply.

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Providing a straight answer to the question “are casino bonuses worth it?” is very difficult. The answer depends very much on the type of bonus offered and the terms and conditions that the casino sets on where you can use the bonus and what you can do with any winnings from the bonuses.

In the extremely competitive industry of online gambling, casinos are finding it necessary to provide more and more attractive bonuses to persuade new members to sign up. This means that as a generalization, the answer is yes, casino bonuses are worth it.

After you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions associated with the bonus or promotion, you can conceivably walk away having made a profit.

Other Promotions And Bonuses

Many online casinos offer regular bonuses and promotions to their members across the board. These benefits are not restricted to new members but offered to all members who would like to participate, or who qualify to participate.

These promotions can be in the form of weekly bonuses, such as matching deposit bonuses for first deposits on a Monday, or offering free spins on a particular day of the week!

Many online casinos also offer leaderboard bonuses. This is where the casino maintains a log of winners of a particular game. They are tracked in the form of a leaderboard. The top player on the leaderboard is then offered a bonus or a prize every week or other interval as decided by the casino. These types of bonuses can be a lot of fun, and attract many players, as it invokes a mini competition between players, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the games!

Deposit bonuses and free spins are not the only benefits offered by online casinos. Many other prizes are offered periodically that may entice players to continue to increase their chance to win a particular prize.

These prizes can be in the form of cruise ship holidays, tropical island getaways, or luxury items such as cars and motorcycles. These prizes can add significant value to the gameplay on a casino site and therefore attract new members as a result.

The final word on the benefits and promotions offered by these sites is that they always come with associated terms and conditions. Always make sure you check out the conditions around the offering to make sure it is a real benefit and not just a marketing ploy. It is sometimes easy to be dazzled by the fancy graphics and sparkling lights, so it is a good idea to take a good look at the terms and conditions!

A great rule of thumb is: trusted, licenced and reputable online casinos have more favourable terms for players. So – choose wisely and enjoy your bonus!