10 Effective Tips on How to Beat eSports Betting

A serious gamer may spend many hours enjoying games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, or Fortnite. You may feel like this would give you an advantage in predicting the possible outcomes in these games. However, when betting on eSports games, you will be engaging with and taking on some of the best players in this genre. This makes for an extremely competitive platform that is tough to predict.

The process of betting on eSports is easy, but mastering this platform successfully is more difficult than many players expect. Your first few bets on eSports may be lucky and you may have some success. But it is just that – luck. To make consistent profits on your eSports bets, you’re going to need some tips to put the advantage in your favour!

Set a betting budget and stick to it

It is very important to set yourself a betting budget and then stick to that budget. The competitive nature of eSports betting may cause you to make rash bets in the excitement of the moment, or accidentally place a bet that is too large. These traps are easily avoided by setting a realistic betting budget.

The unpredictability of eSports betting makes this strategy very important. You can expect to lose a few bets now and again as you gain experience and make wiser choices. Implementing a betting budget will allow you to absorb the occasional loss and keep on playing!

Don’t follow the herd when betting on eSports

Huge tournaments such as the League Of Legends World Championship can generate a lot of excitement and raw emotion. In the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to wager on the team that is getting the most attention!

The better strategy for this kind of tournament would be to do your research into each of the teams beforehand. You may discover an up and coming, but underrated team and that could change your betting strategy. This also has the potential for far greater rewards!

Go with what you know

Another key strategy for success in eSports betting is to focus on games that you know well. The extensive range of eSports available may cause you to try your hand at something new. Don’t fall into this trap! Before trying out a new eSport, do your research so you can make educated choices! Every year new games are being released and the temptation may be to give it a go. Rather wait until you have a good working knowledge of the game before committing to a wager!

To illustrate this point: If you have invested time in getting to know the heroes in Overwatch, then you will have the knowledge to predict what the likely outcome of a game will be when it commences. You would have an advantage over someone who has only played the game a handful of times.

Wisdom dictates that you should focus on eSports games that you have an intimate knowledge of. This will limit your chance of losses and keep you in the game longer!

Know your eSports teams

Become a fan of your eSport teams and follow their triumphs and failures. Understanding the history and current state of your favourite team may be just as important as an intimate knowledge of the game!

Teams have highs and lows, winning streaks, losing streaks, and changes in players. Your knowledge of this information will let you know if the odds being offered are decent or dismal! Knowing the teams and their history will give you the edge in predicting winners based on the recent performances of the team.

It would be worthwhile to note that although you may have all this knowledge, eSport betting has a reputation for being highly unpredictable!

Know your key eSports Players

As with most team sports, the performance of key individual players in the team can mean the difference between winning and losing. Teams have players that are consistent, players that provide supporting roles, and players that are match winners.

Likewise, eSport star players have their winning streaks and times when they are not performing at their peak. By monitoring individual players in your favourite team, you will know if a key player on the team is performing under par, or is operating in top form. This information can assist you in the decision to put your money down, or not.

Test the waters with live eSports betting

Making basic pre-match bets is the recommended way to start. If, however, you are confident in your research and knowledge of your teams, you could try your hand at live eSports betting.

Live betting will allow you to take advantage of discrepancies between the live odds and the actual game. There are some key factors to consider for live betting:

  • The first one would be to find a betting site that offers a live streaming service. One example of this is the Twitch platform.
  • The second is to carefully monitor the action in conjunction with the constantly changing odds. If you are careful, you could lay down a wager as you see the game-play changing before the betting site can update the odds. You need skill and patience to use this betting strategy, but if you get it right, it can pay off big time!

Expand on match winner bets

Betting on match winners is a great way to get your feet wet, but once you have mastered this, why not take it up a notch?

Many of the more upmarket eSport betting sites will give additional betting options such as the correct score, or wagers on numbers of maps won, the first team to draw blood, or to get to a certain number of kills.

These additional betting options can add additional excitement to the games rather than merely betting on who will win. It is worthwhile checking out these additional options, as they may also have better odds than the traditional final winner bet. They also give you betting options when the game-play is tight and the match-winner odds are equally as tight!

Know when to use your betting bonus

Many eSports betting sites give bonuses from time to time – starting with a signup bonus and then continuing as you reach certain levels of turnover. You can use these bonuses wisely to enhance your eSport bets and make money gambling online.

What you need to bear in mind with these bonuses is that they usually include fairly strict terms and conditions about how and when you can use them.

Make sure you are familiar with these rules so that you can plan your betting strategy without unpleasant surprises to torpedo your game plan!

Some bonuses are restricted to certain matches, or only for betting on tricky odds. It, therefore, pays to understand when and where you can use these additional betting funds to maximize your profits.

Due to the strict terms and conditions, it is often a strategy that is overlooked and seldom used to maximum benefit.

Time your outright eSports bets

Just like most other sports betting platforms, on eSports, you can also place wagers on the outcome of tournaments, not just single games!

While this is an exciting way of placing your eSport bets, there are some things to bear in mind about the timing of these bets to ensure your success!

Placing your bet too early in the tournament may result in your team being eliminated in one of the early rounds. Leaving it too late to place your bet may result in the odds being too difficult to place a reasonable wager.

The key is to pay attention to all the matches and to the timing of when to place your bet. This way, being in the right place at the right time is more of an educated decision than a matter of luck.

Shop around for the best odds

Before putting your bets down on any eSport game or tournament, you should shop around to make sure you are getting the best odds. Many sites will offer bets on the same games, but with different odds.

Take the time to check the odds across several eSport betting sites before committing to a wager. There are online odds tracking tools available to make this tracking process easier. These sites will list the odds being offered for a particular game over many betting sites. Using such a tool will give you the best price on the market allowing you to maximize your profit on a bet!

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