Top 10 Most Popular Casino Games to Play Online

Online casino games have made wagering games accessible to many more people worldwide, resulting in certain games gaining much popularity on this platform. Here are the top 10 popular casino games to play online, and why they are consistently popular among internet punters.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games to play online and in casinos. The reason for this is mostly because it is one of the easiest casino games to play. The rules for this game are simple, the tempo of the game-play is quick and there are no big surprises in the game to catch you unawares.

Another reason this game is so popular is that the house edge is one of the smallest compared to other casino games. As long as you keep your head and play smart, you have a pretty good chance of winning.

Blackjack games are quick, so if you want to have a quick game during a break in your day, this is the ideal game.

The simplicity of the game increases its popular appeal, and it is suitable even for beginners. You don’t need to watch other players’ bets or strategize against other player’s counter betting strategies. It is just you playing against the house.

This game is fun to pay, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can also bet any amount of money, large or small.

Video Poker

Poker has been around for many years and continues to be a firm favourite for many people from all walks of life.
Here are a couple of reasons this game remains popular.

  • Low House Edge: Most video poker games have a very small house edge.
  • Ease of Play: Even though video poker is a game that relies on skill as well as a measure of luck, it is still an easy game to play. Once you learn the principles of one video poker game, the same basic principles apply to other variations.
  • Good Payouts: Video poker casino games can be quite rewarding financially. A good hand can result in payouts that are better than many other casino games.


Craps is one of the most thrilling casino games and this level of excitement is probably the main reason for the popularity of this game.

The craps table looks somewhat complicated when you first take a look at it. There are many different bets in craps. The table is marked up with all the different betting possibilities which make it look complex. But once you understand the basics, it is not as daunting as it seems.

The online version of the table looks the same as it does in a regular casino. The gameplay online is also the same as on the casino floor. Players, called shooters in craps lingo, place bets on the final number which is rolled on the two dice.

Playing online craps has some advantages over playing it on the casino floor.

  • Online craps games allow for easy bets for beginners. The online version, just like roulette, offers a few easy, low-risk betting options.
  • A low house edge. Depending on the actual craps bet that you choose to play, you can enjoy some low house edge percentages comparable with blackjack and slots.

Unlike poker, which has some skill required to be successful, craps are based largely on luck. This means that you will win some and you will lose some. Most people play this game for the fun and the excitement and if they win, it is just an added bonus. There’s not much that can beat the exhilaration you experience every time the dice are rolled.

Experienced craps players can make a profit when they play craps online, but as a beginner, play carefully until you find your way around the game.


Baccarat is a game that was once reserved for high rollers only. But nowadays this game can now be enjoyed online by anyone!

Baccarat is easy to play. There are three main bets: The banker hand winning, the player hand winning, or both hands tying (known as a tie bet).

Baccarat hands are decided by a complicated scoring system. The aim of the game is for the player and banker is to get as close to 9 as possible. Players, however, need not concern themselves with the complexities of the scoring. All players have to do is place one of the three bets listed above.

Baccarat strategy is also pretty simple. You can see which of the three bets is the most profitable by looking at the following house edges.

Banker hand = 1.06% house edge
Player hand = 1.24% house edge
Tie bet = 14.36% house edge

The banker and player hands are pretty close in terms of chances of winning, but the banker’s hand has a slight edge. Casinos usually take a 5% commission from wins.

The reason the casino takes a 5% commission is that they’d lose their edge otherwise. Of course, few players care when they have such a good chance of winning the banker bet.

As a result of this, you have a good chance to win at this popular online casino game.

Baccarat is a great game for the casual player looking for a solid opportunity to walk away with a win. This is another reason it remains one of the top casino games played online.

Slot Machines

Slots are probably hands down the most popular of all online casino games! While many offer much more stimulating game-play regarding strategy and complexity of the game-play, slots remain the most popular casino game to play online and on the casino floor.

There is absolutely no strategy involved in playing this game. The player simply hits the digital lever and waits till the rows stop spinning. There is no game-play to scrutinize, or calculated guesses to make. Some online slots do however have a bonus game or “gamble” feature that offer a double or nothing bet.

Playing online slots allows you to kick back, relax and rely totally on lady luck. Let’s hope she is smiling over your shoulder!

European Roulette

Picture the scene, James Bond looking dapper in a suit walks into a casino! What game does he go to? Invariably it is roulette! It is probably the first game you think of when casino games are mentioned. It is Popular for good reason! It is often considered a classy casino game and the excitement generated around a table when a player is on a roll is not matched by any other game in the casino!

European roulette is one such variety that has developed over the years. European roulette wheels have 37 pockets where the ball can land and does not have a double zero (00) pocket. The layout sequence of the numbers on the wheel differs in order to other versions of the game.

All the numbers on the wheel are either red or black, except the 0 (zero) which is green. The green 0 is what gives the house an edge of 2.7% against you in each bet.

The layout of the table is pretty much the same as most other forms of the game, except it only has a single zero placement.

European roulette is a favourite among players of roulette because it has the best odds for a win compared to other variations of the game.

American Roulette

We placed this directly under European roulette so that you can compare the differences. In American roulette, the wheel has 38 pockets for the ball to land in. The additional pocket is for the double zero (00) number which is absent in European roulette.

As in European roulette, the numbers are all red or black, except the zero and double zero pockets which are green. The addition of the double zero (00) effectively almost doubles the house edge to 5.26% against you in each bet.

The layout of the table is the same as European roulette, except for the addition of the double zero placement at the top of the table.

Although European roulette gives the player better odds to win, American roulette still remains a very popular version of the game. The excitement of additional risk is often the motivating factor that attracts players to American roulette.

From the perspective of a beginner gambler, you would be better served to try your hand at the European version if you want to try your hand at roulette. Your odds of a win would be more favourable!

Pai Gow Poker

Many people think poker is just poker, but the many varieties of the game out there speak otherwise! Each of the versions of the game has different rules and different values given to the cards in a hand.

Pai Gow poker a modern version of a game that has its roots in an old Chinese domino game. In Pai Gow Poker, the dominoes are replaced with normal playing cards. The game is played with a normal 52 card deck and one joker.

The maximum number of players is six. This excludes the dealer or banker, who is usually the casino dealer. It is the goal of each player to beat the hand that the dealer or banker holds.

Each player gets seven cards which are arranged into a five-card hand and a two-card hand. Hence the alternative name of double-hand poker.

In this game of poker, you pick up a win if both your hands are better than the corresponding hands of the banker. The hand is a tie if you only beat the banker with one of your hands. In this case, nobody wins. Your bet is lost if both hands of the banker beat your hands.

When you visit a casino you may encounter variations of this game. While there may be slight differences in the rules or additional tweaks to the gameplay, the basic principles remain the same.

If you enjoy poker, then Pai Gow poker is a variety of the game that you may want to try. The second hand brings an added dimension of excitement to the gameplay.

Spanish 21

Many people think blackjack is just blackjack, playing to 21. How different can it be? While traditional blackjack is a very popular game, many find the gameplay a little boring.

That is where the Spanish 21 variant of the game comes in. Here are the basics of the game. It is played with a set of 6 decks of cards. Each person is initially dealt 2 cards. The player must continue to receive cards, known as a hit, or stop receiving cards, known as a stand, without the value of the cards going over 21. The player with the hand closest or equal to 21 wins the bet.

If you are dealt a pair, you can split the hand into two hands and bet on each hand. If you are dealt a second pair, you can re-split to a third hand.

How does this game differ from traditional blackjack, you may ask? For a start, all the 10 value cards are stripped from the deck. This means that you are dealt with more low-value cards, which makes for a longer, more exciting gameplay than traditional blackjack.

In Spanish 21 there is also much more scope for side-bets than your run of the mill blackjack, which has fairly limited side-bet options in comparison.

If you love blackjack, give Spanish 21 a try. You may find its different gameplay and additional side-bets to be a bit more stimulating and exciting.

Three Card Poker

Three card poker has gained popularity because you can literally learn how to play it in 5 minutes. Another reason the game is popular is that it has a moderate house edge. What this means is that you have a half-decent chance to actually win!

The gameplay allows you to not only win with a hand better than the dealer, but you can also win if you have a pair. This gives you two opportunities to win in a hand!

Three card poker is a game that not only relies on luck but your skill in selecting hands. It is thus a game that you can improve on, and as your skills improve, you stand a better chance to win.

There are two kinds of bets you can make in this game, ante-play and pair-plus. Each bet type has hands on which you should bet and hands on which you should fold. Learn the rules for each type of bet and you should soon become an adept player who can make smart hand selections and increase your wins!

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The convenience of online casino games makes these games accessible anywhere, anytime. This also means players will often play multiple different types of online games, depending on the time they have available. Most online versions also offer opportunities for beginners to practice the game-play before placing a bet.

This has encouraged more people to try out these top 10 popular casino games to play online and results in the continually growing fan base!